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Wildlife and Animal control books/videos. Mole, squirrel, gopher control books and videos.

Bat Free Belfries
left_img Bat Free Belfries: A Guide to Bat Proofing Video...23 minutes (VHS)
Price: $44.95 Stock #: BFB-DVD
The Facts About Bats
left_img CUB1...The Facts About Bats: Exploring Conflicts and Designing Cornell Cooperative Extension This video explores the relationships between bats and humans. It examines bat behavior and their need for warm summer roosts, such as attics, for raising their young...29 minutes (VHS)
Price: $36.95 Stock #: CUB1
Mole Control Book
left_img Mole Control by Washington State Trappers Association (book). This is the complete mole book. A real do it your self guide on mole control, includes mole biology, what they eat, and daily activity as well as how to remove them.
Price: $9.95 Stock #: BK1
Pocket Gopher Control
left_img Pocket Gopher Control. A guide for applicators of Gopher Baiting and Trapping. This pamphlet covers biology, behavior, poisoning, trapping, and other methods of control.
Price: $2.50 Stock #: PGC
Managing Canada Geese in an Urban Environment
left_img CG01...Managing Canada geese in an Urban Arthur E. Smith, Scott R. Craven and Paul D. Curtis
Price: $15.95 Stock #: CG01
Urban Bird Control
left_img TS-1000...Urban Bird Bird Barrier
Price: $37.95 Stock #: TS-1000
Setting a Live Beaver Trap
left_img BTInstr...Setting a Live Beaver Trap (DVD)
Price: $9.95 Stock #: BTInstr
Using Body Grip Traps:Successful Conibear Trapping
left_img Successful Conibear Trapping by V.E.Tingley Guide to using Body Gripping Traps successfully. A complete book with 22 sketches and photos of sets used by conibear experts, each on explained in detail.
Price: $5.25 Stock #: BK7
Reducing Deer Damage to Home Gardens and Landscape
left_img RDD01...Reducing Deer Damage to Home Gardens and Landscape Paul D. Curtis and Milo E. Richmond
Price: $8.00 Stock #: RDD01
Snares and Snaring
left_img Dynamite snares and snaring by Tom Krause. Covers snaring A to Z.
Price: $10.95 Stock #: snar-bk
Trapping North American Furbearers
left_img Trapping North American Furbearers by Stanley Hawbaker.
Price: $10.95 Stock #: nabk
The Backyard Tanner
left_img The Backyard Tanner, Written with step by step instructions, complete with illustrations for skinning techniques, tanning with fur on, tanning for leather, softening techniques, buckskin and rawhide.
Price: $6.00 Stock #: TanBk